Real Estate Chatbot for Real-Time Engagement

Create a facebook messenger chatbot for your real estate business by Milorsteimle

facebook chatbot for real estate

You’ve probably seen or interacted with a chatbot, even if you didn’t know that’s what it was. Chances are, you’re reading this to understand how a chatbot could help you capitalize on this boom and take that next step for your business. Make property buying a thoroughly seamless experience for your customers and give them the trust to buy, sell and rent with you. Provide them with all the support, information, and guidance on an immediate basis and contribute to growing their confidence in buying property.

facebook chatbot for real estate

Most will come with a chatbot builder or a way of “scripting” the chatbot without having to program. Many even have an artificial intelligence or machine learning package that can “learn” what people want over time. Realtors today are going to find that people are increasingly communicating through messaging platforms.

Few Use Cases of Chatbots in Real Estates

It collects all the messages into a single inbox for ease of access. As an AI solution, Tidio is built to answer up to 73% of business-related questions automatically, such as returns and refund policies and pricing inquiries. DIY plans are from $0-$9/month, and the installation for these plans is handled by the customer.

facebook chatbot for real estate

While Facebook Messenger is the leading platform for chatbots, there are also a number of other platforms available today. You can build chatbots using HubSpot, Slack, Skype, PureChat, Drift, and many others. So whether your business is established or completely new, you can enjoy substantial growth and improve customer satisfaction with chat and messenger. More than 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, with an average response rate of 32%. Take advantage of this today before your competitors start picking up on this tool. A chatbot is like an automated text messaging answering system.

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All in all, depending on your business’ needs, you may be able to get pretty far with a free plan. However, even the paid plans with these of these applications are reasonably priced. Disney, the enormous media and entertainment conglomerate, helped promote their ‘Zootopia’ movie with a Facebook Messenger chatbot that interacted with children. The chatbot led the child through a conversation with the movie’s main character, Officer Judy Hopps, as they worked together to catch bad guys. A few years ago, I would have had two options — go to the emergency room or an urgent care facility, both of which can be costly. This time, I sought help from the telemedicine service covered by my health insurance plan, where I was able to call in and speak with a medical practitioner.

Let’s explore ways real estate agents can use chatbots to improve their business and get more leads. Real-Estate chatbots are Rule-based or AI-automated chatbots programmed to engage customers for real estate agencies. Chatbots used in real estate are essentially virtual agents that save time and allow live agents to focus on more complex aspects of their jobs.

Many agents spend less than what Structurely charges per month for their chat features for their entire IDX website. In this article, we are only looking at the “smart” AI chatbots since we think they offer the best features for realtors. Additionally, some providers offer builders focused on the e-commerce, entertainment, or gaming industries (irrelevant to the real estate industry). To answer this question, I collected the 15 best chatbots for Facebook Messenger so that you can make the best choice on your own.

facebook chatbot for real estate

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