What Is a White Label Product, and How Does It Work?

Would you like to implement a robust payment technology that brings more control over onboarding, processing, and funding? Feel free to consult our payment experts and request a free demo of our white label payment gateway product. White label payment gateways are best suited for payment software providers and ISOs selling payment processing. As a rule, these companies support several payment channels, but rarely can they boast of a high-quality and convenient dashboard or back office.

White label payment gateway providers offer payment processing services that allow businesses to process credit card payments quickly and efficiently. These services enable businesses to accept payments from various credit card companies, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and in different currencies. Payment processing services also ensure that businesses are PCI compliant and adhere to the latest security standards.

What is white label processing

Payment processing can eat up a great chunk of your budget unless chosen wisely. Therefore, we recommend http://www.konkursrway.ru/sostavnie-obemnogo-doma.html doing your research before committing. There are some disadvantages to white-label products, as well.

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IXOPAY is a payment orchestration platform that brings independence and flexibility to the process of online payments. IXOPAY is a best-of-breed, highly scalable and PCI-certified payment orchestration platform for white label clients and enterprise merchants. Fully PCI compliant card vaulting, smart transaction routing, monitoring and reporting, post processing, reconciliation and settlements.

What is white label processing

Company is set up to be a front-facing white label digital marketing provider. About eighty percent of our white label partners use us in a front-facing manner, and twenty percent have us only do work on the back-end for them to deliver to the client. We can provide a far better customer experience with the front-facing model where your customer can talk to the professionals working on their marketing campaigns.

What Is a White Label Product, and How Does It Work?

With your company branding taking center stage, you can provide an exceptional service that will strengthen your industry standing. The IXOPAY risk engine will give you peace of mind, with its customizable risk rules and state-of-the-art fraud prevention. In choosing to white label with IXOPAY, you can save time and money on development that can instead be put into growing your business. Given these advantages, white label payment gateways are quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions for businesses looking for an easy and cost effective way to accept payments from customers worldwide.

What is white label processing

Even the most thought-out business models may come with some considerations, not only positive but also negative. This post aims to explain everything you need to know about white labelling, so pour yourself a cup of coffee, and we can start. A generic brand is a type of consumer product that lacks a widely recognized name or logo because it typically isn’t advertised. Using very similar packaging among brands is called copycatting, which can be illegal in some cases. Private label brands must differentiate themselves sufficiently so as not to mislead consumers. Private label branding is a worldwide phenomenon that has been growing steadily since the late 1990s.

Moreover, there is a constant debate on whether white label option is better than the one you develop from scratch. Finally, invoice generators such as Invoice Ninja or FreshBooks are perfect for businesses that send invoices regularly and need a reliable way to process one-time or recurring payments from customers. Both systems support integration with many white label payment solutions. Marketing automation tools such as Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign also have built-in integration for processing payments via white label payment gateways.

  • Financial operations are no longer working the same way they did in the past.
  • We choose the most suitable payment methods for your business based on regional payment specifics, including credit cards, electronic wallets, alternative payment methods, and cryptocurrency.
  • This feature allows businesses to create branded payment pages that match their website’s look and feel, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Moreover, the provider of this technology takes full responsibility for maintaining and constantly updating the system.

It all depends on how complex you want your processor to be. Dashboard – Provide a user-friendly information management tool that tracks the state of all processes. Ensure it includes monitoring and providing a visual representation of all critical data. B) You must consider the processor’s adaptability for your software and business. Fine-tuning of business payment strategies and risk- management. • Guidance and support regarding the payment data routing service.

There won’t be anything to suggest that a third party is involved in the payment process. One of your first considerations may be whether to go with a domestic or overseas manufacturer. While many companies like to keep their operations within the United States (and “Made in the USA” is certainly a big selling feature for some products), it’s often cheaper to source products overseas.

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